9 Best Men’s Watches With Gold And Silver

If you’re looking for a men’s watch with gold and silver then you have a lot to choose from. However, how do you know which watches are actually of good quality? And how do you know you won’t buy a watch that will break apart in a few weeks?

Well, this blog has the answers. I’ve compiled a list of the 9 best men’s watches with gold and silver. For each watch we’ll discuss price, use of materials and why it has deserved a spot on this list. Read on!

Seiko Two-Tone Titanium (SGG735)

Price: $130 – $170

Materials: The use of materials in this sub-$200 watch is certainly it’s unique selling point. Rarely do you find a watch in this price range that uses a titanium case and bracelet. Furthermore, the cover of the dial is made out of sapphire which is the most scratch-resistant material you can get.

Why: This has to be my number one pick for the best men’s watch with gold and silver. There are several reasons for that. First of all, Seiko is an excellent, affordable brand that has been making great quality watches for a long time. Their watches are known for their built quality and accuracy.

Furthermore, the SGG735 is priced way below what it should be which makes it a bargain. As was already said it uses materials such as titanium and sapphire. Those are materials that you will normally only see in watches that cost $500+.

Also, I personally think the watch looks very good. The hour markers and hands have the same color as the gold on the rest of the watch. Finally, the watch uses a Japanese quartz movement which is what you would expect at this price point. These movements are known for their accuracy (+/- 10 seconds per year). Overall, this is just a really good watch.

Seiko SGG735

Citizen Eco-Drive (AT4004-52E)

Price: $290 – $320

Materials: This Citizen Eco-Drive has a 42 stainless steel case that is attached to a stainless steel bracelet. Furthermore, the cover of the dial is made of anti-reflective sapphire. This material provides you with great scratch-resistance as well as good visibility when the sun is out.

Why: Citizen is one of those companies that has been making great quality watches for a long time now. Just like Seiko, Citizen is known for making everything in-house which includes their own Japanese quartz movements.

Besides the good built quality, that’s also the reason why I put this Eco-Drive watch on the list. Most of you will not know what Eco-Drive is so let me explain that to you quickly. Eco-drive basically means that the watch charges itself.

It does this by transforming any form of light, whether that be artificial or natural light, into electrical energy. This energy is then stored in a rechargeable cell which then uses the energy to power the quartz movement. This means the battery never has to be changed and you also don’t have to wear the watch or manually wind it.

Finally, this watch is also very complex since it’s a perpetual calendar. This means it displays the correct day and date. Also, it is a chronograph which means it also has a stopwatch.

Citizen AT4004-52E

Bulova Surveyor (98C127)

Price: $130 – $160

Materials: This watch is a bit smaller than the rest of the watches on this list. However, at 39mm the stainless steel case still isn’t too small. Just like the case the bracelet is also made out of stainless steel. Finally, the dial of the watch is protected by mineral glass which is what you would expect.

Why: This Bulova Surveyor is definitely one of the more subtle watches that I have on this list for you. Bulova as a whole is normally something of a mixed bag. That’s because Bulova watches are produced in three different countries: China, Japan and Switzerland.

As you would expect, each country has a different quality level. That doesn’t mean that Bulova watches are bad, not at all. It just means that serious watch collectors will normally go for a watch of which they know where it’s been made. If you want to know more about Bulova and their quality then you can read this article that I wrote earlier about that.

If you don’t really care about collecting and you’re looking for an affordable men’s watch that’s gold and silver then this is definitely a good watch to consider. The design of the watch is very clean with a day aperture at the 12’o clock mark and the date aperture at the 3’o clock mark.

Bulova Surveyor

Citizen Chronograph (AN3394-59L)

Price: $110 – $150

Materials: Just like the Bulova Surveyor this Citizen is made of the exact same materials. Stainless steel is used for the case and the bracelet. Mineral glass covers the dial of the watch. Coincidentally the case is also the exact same size as the Bulova: 39mm.

Why: There are several watches available on the internet that are gold and silver and also have a blue dial. The problem with most of them is that they’re cheap fashion watches that will break down in a year or so.

That’s the reason why this Citizen chronograph has to be on the list. As we just discussed, Citizen is a great Japanese brand and their watches will last you a long time. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a blue dial then this watch will definitely suit your style.

Finally, the watch uses a Japanese quartz movement which is what you would expect with a watch at this price point: a very accurate movement that isn’t to expensive. Overall just a very solid watch.

Citizen AN3394-59L

Orient Classic Bambino (RA-AC0004S)

Price: $180 – $220

Materials: The other watches on this list have a two-tone stainless steel bracelet with a gold-silver color palette. For this watch Orient decided to go with a rose gold-silver combination which looks very stylish. Furthermore the bracelet and 40.5mm case are made of stainless steel. Mineral is used to cover what’s inside the case.

Why: Orient is another Japanese watchmaker that has been producing excellent watches since the 1950’s. Even though Orient is pretty unknown that doesn’t mean that their watches should be discounted.

Orient is best known for making their own automatic, self-winding movement which are very well made. Besides the movement there’s another reason why this Classic Bambino had to be on the list and that’s because it’s a dress watch.

Most two-tone watches are sports or diving watches. If you’re looking for a more subtle watch that has a bit more class then your choices are normally limited. I’m hoping to have fixed that issue with this rose gold/stainless steel Orient watch.

Orient RA-AC0004S

Victorinox Alliance (241481)

Price: $600 – $700

Materials: I’m completely aware that we just took a big jump in price so let’s see if that’s reflected in the use of materials. First of all the 42mm case of this watch and the bracelet are made out of stainless steel.

Even though this is quite a generic material there are quality differences between ”cheap” stainless steel and ”expensive” stainless steel. It’s hard to explain but you can feel the difference once you have higher-quality stainless steel in your hands.

To protect the dial of the watch Victorinox went with anti-reflective sapphire which is the right choice for a watch in this price range.

Why: Price wise this Victorinox Alliance is certainly an outlier on the list. However, don’t you also think that a Swiss watch should also be on here? Because that’s what this watch is: Swiss made.

Swiss made means one thing and that’s that the watch is of very high quality because it’s been made in the country that invented good watches. Victorinox watches are a tribute to this statement. The company is best known for making Swiss knives for their army but they’ve also been making quality watches for a few decades now.

This Alliance watch features a Swiss quartz movement, a date calendar and a chronograph. Furthermore it also looks very clean and is made out of high-quality materials. If you’re looking for a Swiss gold and silver watch then this can be a great pick.

Casio Edifice (EFR547SG-7A9V)

Price: $180 – $220

Materials: The 47.5mm stainless steel case is connected to a bracelet that is made out of the same material. One thing that is immediatly worthy of mentioning is the fact that this watch is quite large and thick. Therefore it will look better on people with a larger wrist.

The cover of the dial is made out of mineral glass which is a good material and can take some form of abuse. However, it’s not as scratch resistant as harder materials such as sapphire (which you will find in watches at a higher price point).

Why: The Casio Edifice is certainly a bit strange. Even though it looks like a regular analog watch it has some functionalities that make it function like a smartwatch. For example, you can connect this watch to your smartphone via bluetooth.

This gives you several interesting features. For example, you can make the hands of the dial adjust to a certain position when you receive an e-mail notification. Another useful feature is the ”phone finder”. By pushing the button at the bottom of the watch your phone will start ringing. This way you can easily find it.

Furthermore the watch operates and functions like a normal watch. Besides the correct time it shows you the date and a stopwatch. Also it has an alarm function which comes in handy.

Fossil Dean Chronograph (FS4795)

Price: $100 – $140

Materials: Just like the Casio Edifice this watch is quite large since it has a 45mm stainless steel case. The same material is used for the bracelet. Furthermore, mineral is used to protect the dial over the watch. As you have probably noticed, these are the common materials for sub-$200 watches. These materials aren’t too expensive but are still very durable.

Why: Fossil is another company that has a good-looking two-tone watch. the Fossil brand is known for their wide variety of accessories. Therefore, their watches aren’t made by Fossil themselves. Since this is a watch in the sub-$200 price range it can be assumed it’s been made in China.

Is that an immediate problem? Definitely not, Fossil watches can still be of great quality and last you a long time. A lot of people are really happy with their purchase. If you’re looking for a ”fashion” watch then Fossil is a great pick.

Whether or not you want to buy this watch will depend on your personal taste. The look of this watch, especially the hands and dial, look different then other watches on this list. If you like the style of this one more then you’ll have your answer.

Stührling Skeleton (3922.2)

Price: $230 – $270

Materials: At 49mm this watch has the largest case of all the other watches on this list. Both the case and the bracelet are made of stainless steel. For the cover of the dial Stührling decided to go with so-called Krysteerna crystal. This is a material that is a bit harder than mineral but not as good as sapphire.

Why: Well, let’s be honest here. If there’s one watch on this list that looks exotic and rebellious then that’s definitely this skeleton watch. A skeleton watch is a watch that allows you to see the inner workings. Personally, I think this looks really cool.

Furthermore, this Stührling watch uses an automatic self-winding movement which means that it’s enough to wear the watch to make sure it keeps running.

The reason why this watch isn’t higher up on the list is because Stührling doesn’t make their own movements. Basically all the production is outsourced to manufacturers in China. This means the brand doesn’t have the same history and quality control such as other brands on this list. However, its still a cool looking gold and silver men’s watch.

Stuhrling 3922.2


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