Are Timex Watches Good?

If you’re looking for a good looking watch that doesn’t break the bank then you’re bound to run into the Timex brand at one point or another. Even though Timex is a global and well recognized brand many people still wonder if Timex actually produces good watches, especially since they are very affordable.

Are Timex watches good? Yes, Timex watches are good. Timex has been in business since 1854 and has a reputation for manufacturing affordable but very durable watches. Also, their watches are covered by a one year manufacturing warranty.

Now that we’ve cleared that up it’s time to dive into a bit more detail. Let’s first assess how good Timex watches actually are. Then, we follow that up by looking at the best Timex watches that are available on the market these days.

How Good Are Timex Watches?

In order to see if a watch is actually good you’ll have to look at a few different aspects. In this subheading we’ll discuss the use of materials and craftsmanship of a Timex watch. We’ll also have a look at the movements of their watches, if the watches are actually innovative and what their price says about the quality.

Use Of Materials

Let’s first have a look at the kind of materials that Timex watches use. Most of their watches are considered to be very affordable. This is reflected in the materials that the company uses since these can be considered quite common.

Most Timex watches will have a strap that is either made out of leather, canvas, silicone or stainless steel. Since Timex also focuses on variety you’ll be able to find these materials in all the colors of the rainbow. This strap is then attached to a stainless steel case which is pretty normal at this price point.

To protect the cover of the dial Timex normally opts to go for mineral glass. Mineral glass is a good option because it’s very scratch resistant while at the same time also being very affordable. However, some of the cheapest watches that Timex offers also have acrylic glass. Acrylic glass is known for scratching easily but let’s be honest, that’s what you can expect when you buy a $10 watch.


When we look at the craftsmanship of Timex watches it becomes clear that this is not what the company focuses on. Since most Timex watches are relatively cheap you can expect their watches to be mass produced, which they are. Most of their watches are manufactured in countries such as China. However, the technology that’s used in their watches is normally developed in the United States and Germany.

Furthermore the Timex Group (which the Timex brand is part of) also has a luxury division in Switzerland where it makes higher end watches. Also, the company has different division throughout Europe that help in production.


Since Timex watches are very affordable the majority of their movements aren’t all that special. Honestly, that’s also not something that comes as a surprise. Almost all Timex movements are mass manufactured and sourced from different parts of the world. What you can be almost sure of is that your Timex watch has a quartz movement.

Timex say these movements make use of their ”Intelligent Quartz Technology”. According to the company it’s more than just a watch movement. Timex calls it an open-ended platform that has the flexibility to incorporate new technologies, new functions and new ideas as they become available.

Although the large majority of Timex watches make use of a quartz movement it must also be noted that a select few of their models use an automatic movement. Their ”Marlin” model actually has an automatic movement. By doing this Timex decided to go back to it’s roots given that they manufactured automatic movements until 1982.


Throughout it’s history Timex has been one of those brand that has focused on innovation while at the same time trying to keep the price of their watches very affordable. For example, in the 1940’s the company produced a new hard alloy which they called ”Armalloy”. This alloy was used to produce longwearing bearings. This meant Timex was able to replace the expensive jewels that were normally used in watch movements.

Besides their wartime innovations Timex also has the ”Intelligent Quartz Technology” which we just discussed. Another innovative technology that the company uses today is their “INDIGLO Night-Light Technology”. This technology is used in their Fairfield Supernova series.

The Fairfield Supernova is cut from metal. Then, it’s crafted using precision laser-cutting techniques on a thin layer of metal. After this is done, the perforated layer of metal is placed on top of the dial to allow for light to pass through it. This creates a stunning effect.


Finally, it’s time to look at the price of Timex watch. This is definitely one of the stronger points of the company. Most of their watches are sold for a price between $10 – $250. If you consider their built quality this is a remarkable good price and that’s also why Timex is such a populair brand around the world.

Given that the company sells affordable, high quality watches it’s often compared to Casio which is known for the exact same reasons. If you want to find out if Casio is a good watch brand then I suggest you check out this article: Are Casio watches good?

Are Timex Watches Reliable?

Now that you know that Timex makes good watches I personally feel it’s also important to see if their products are reliable. Luckily the answer is that Timex watches are indeed very reliable. Timex has been making watches since 1854 and if a business is able to continue their operation for that long they have to do something right.

So, in this case, their affordable price certainly doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting a bad watch that will fall apart in the first weeks. That’s backed up by the fact that Timex offers a one year manufacturing warranty on all of their watches. Any defect that can be traced back to issues in the manufacturing process are covered by this

A Review Of Different Timex Watches

So, it’s clear that Times sells good, reliable watches. For the price at which the watches are sold it’s as good as it’s going to get. To give you a few good options to pick from I’ve compiled a list with some good and populair Timex watches. Let’s check them out!

1. Expedition Scout 40

Let’s first talk about the Expedition Scout 40. If you’re looking for a versatile, casual watch then this one good be for you. The watch that you see on the image below has a black canvas strap with a black dial. However, the Scout 40 comes in many different colors.

For example, you can also opt to go for a leather strap. Furthermore, the color of the dial comes in many different colors. White, black, blue, grey and beige are all an option.

The 40 in the name stands for the amount of millimeters that the case is wide. The dial of the case is protected by mineral glass which is a very scratch-resistant material and what you would expect at this price point. What’s also good to know is that the numbers on the dial as well as the hands are luminous. If this watch has peeked your interest you can pick it up for $40.

Timex Expedition Scout

2. Expedition Field Chronograph

The Expedition Field chronograph is another neat option, especially if you’re looking for a watch that has a bit more bells and whistles to it. The 43mm stainless steel case is attached to a canvas, rubber or leather strap. The dial of the watch will always be black however, sometimes the accents are beige and othertimes they are light grey.

Since this is a chronograph the watch also has some complications. For example, there’s a date window at the 4’o clock mark and a 30-minute chronograph. Just like the previous watch the hands and hour markers are luminous and the dial is protected by mineral glass.

Since this watch is a bit more complicated than the previous one it’s price is also a bit higher. Expect to pick one up for $50 – $70 depending on which style you choose.

Timex expedition field chronograph

3. South Street Sports Watch

Finally, there’s the Times South Street. As the title already says this is a sports watch. The 18mm silver-tone stainless steel expansion band is attached to a 36mm brass case that also has a silver-tone. Furthermore, the watch has a day-date window at the 3’o clock mark.

The black dial of the watch is protected by mineral glass and of course the hands and hour markers are luminous. What I personally like about this watch is the fact that the hands of the watch are pointy which gives the watch a very retro feel. Looking to buy one? You can pick it up for $65.

Timex South Street Sport Watch


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