Are Nixon Watches Good?

Nixon was first founded in 1997. The companies goal was to make watches that would appeal to the ’90s youth. Nowadays, Nixon tries to appeal to a wide audience and therefore you’re bound to come across one if you’re looking for a new watch. However, are Nixon watches actually of good quality? Let’s find out!

Are Nixon watches good? Yes and no. Nixon produces a wide variety of watches. The cheapest ones (below $100) can be considered fashion watches that use cheap materials and movements. However, Nixon also sells good quality watches that use higher end materials such as sapphire and that have a Swiss movement.

Now that you’ve gotten a quick answer it’s time to dive a bit more into the specifics of what I just said. First of all we’ll see if Nixon is actually a good brand. After that we look at where Nixon makes its watches, if they are reliable and if they are worth the money. Finally we discuss the best Nixon watches that you can buy.

Is Nixon A Good Watch Brand?

Whether or not Nixon is a good brand really depends on a few factors. Below we’ll discuss the most important ones. First we’ll look at the materials that Nixon uses, then we move on to their movements. Finally we look at variety and price.

Use Of Materials

Nixon is a brand that doesn’t sell extremely cheap watches. It also doesn’t sell watches that are $10.000+. This mid-range mentality is reflected in the materials that the company uses. As you can expect most watches feature a stainless steel case that is attached to a strap. This strap is made out of common materials such as stainless steel, leather, silicone or mesh.

In order to protect the dial cover from scratches Nixon has opted to go for two options: mineral glass and sapphire. Mineral is a mid-range material. It’s a lot better than acrylic (which is used in very cheap watches). The plus side of mineral is that it’s very affordable which is something that fits the Nixon brand well.

Some of their higher priced watches do indeed use sapphire. Sapphire is the best material in order to prevent your watch from being scratched. If you want a watch that has a sapphire dial cover then you’re most likely looking at $500+.


Nixon watches can generally be bought with two different kind of movements: quartz or automatic. The large majority of Nixon watches will have a Japanese quartz movement. The quartz movement that Nixon uses is called the Miyota.

Miyota is a Japanese company that is owned by the Citizen Watch Company (another watchmaker). Since most watchmakers don’t actually produce their own movements it’s very common to have this part outsourced. Miyota movements are considered to be of good quality but they certainly aren’t anything special.

Furthermore Nixon also sells some higher end watches that have better quartz movements. These movements are normally Swiss and are produced by ISA and Ronda Swiss. These movements are considered to be a bit more robust and more reliable then their cheaper Japanese counterparts. The 51-30 is one of Nixon most popular watches and it uses a custom designed Swiss quartz movement.

The most expensive Nixon watches will cost you around $1.500. These watches normally use the proven ETA 2824-2 movement. ETA is a Swiss company that mass produces good quality movements for a wide variety of watchmakers. This movement can be found in the Elite Class which are high-end Nixon watches.


One thing that is quite special about the Nixon brand is the fact that they sells such a wide variety of watches. Even though Nixon isn’t necessarily an innovative watchmaker, they certainly do their best on this front. Especially when you compare them to the more ”serious” watchmakers.

You can find a Nixon watches in any shape, color or form. Whether you want an all black or all gold toned watch, Nixon has it. Want a digital one? Nixon has it. Want a good quality, stainless steel, sapphire glass one with an automatic movement? Nixon has it.

For this reason Nixon is one of the best in making watches that will fit everyone’s style no matter what that style may be. Considering that the company started out as a watchmaker in the extreme sports niche this is also not that strange.


Finally, there’s price. Not only does Nixon sell a wide variety of styles, they also have watches in a lot of different price categories. In my opinion there are three main categories in which you can divide Nixons line-up.

First of all there are the very affordable watches that cost $150 or less. Most of these watches are made out of cheap materials such as stainless steel/silicone and mineral. They use a Japanese quartz movement and their design is basic.

Secondly there are the mid-range watches that will cost you anywhere between $150 – $500. Most of these watches will be made out of stainless steel and or leather. Mineral or sapphire (on the higher end) is what covers the dial. The watches also have a much stronger focus on design and they generally look a lot more interesting than the first category.

Finally there are the Nixon watches that will cost between $500 – $2.500. These watches are the best of what Nixon has to offer. High-quality stainless steel is what’s used for the strap. Also crocodile/ostrich leather is an option. The movement is definitely a Swiss automatic movement that’s produced by ETA.

Where Are Nixon Watches Made?

As with many brands Nixon doesn’t actually produce any of its parts themselves. As said the movements are either made in Japan or Switzerland. However, that’s all information that’s available about the production process of Nixon.

The reason for this is the fact that Nixon doesn’t actually provide good information about where they produce their watches. Yes, the brand itself is American but that certainly doesn’t mean their watches are made in the U.S.A. Many people think the most likely scenario is that Nixon sources it’s components from China and also assembles their watches in this country.

Are Nixon Watches Reliable?

Since Nixon sells a wide variety of watches there’s also variety in their reliability. Nobody can expect a $50 watch to be as reliable as a $1.500 and since Nixon sells both there’s definitely a difference.

How reliable Nixon watches actually are is hard to say. When you buy a Nixon watch from an authorized dealer you do get a 2 year warranty no matter which Nixon watch you buy. This warranty covers defect materials or unproper assembly. Normal wear and tear and battery replacements aren’t covered.

When you buy a Nixon from the Elite Class the 2 year warranty turns into a lifetime one. This warranty covers defect materials and unproper assembly. After two years of use you will still have this warranty, however, if Nixon decides to fix your watch you will have to pay for the labor cost.

Also, to get this lifetime warranty you will have to show Nixon the certificate that came with the watch. Furthermore, you’ll have to show Nixon that the watch did get proper maintenance throughout the years. This can be proven with a stamp, date, and signature of the technicians that have serviced your watch.

Are Nixon Watches Worth The Money?

Whether or not Nixon watches are worth the money depends on your personal taste and preference. First and foremost you should buy a watch because you like the look of it. If this is the case with a Nixon watch then you could indeed say they are worth the money for you.

If they are worth the money for everybody is another question. In general Nixon sells a wide variety of watches in varying price ranges. Personally I feel that the watches that they sell are priced properly. There are the very cheap quartz watchs and the much more expensive Swiss watches with an automatic movement.

However, there are some watches of which I believe they are not worth the money. That’s because Nixon also sells watches that are made out of cheap materials and that have a cheap movement but still have a price tag of $300 – $500. Those are the watches that I would personally avoid because in this price range you have better options.

What Are The Best Nixon Watches?

Now that we’ve explained why Nixon watches are or aren’t worth it it’s time to look at the best Nixon watches. What you see below is a list of Nixon all-time best sellers. All these watches are very stylish and have an excellent price value ratio. Let’s check them out!

Nixon Time Teller

The Nixon Time Teller is definitely a great looking, minimalistic dress watch. The 37mm case is made out of stainless steel and has a round shape. The face of the watch is as simple as it can get which adds to the character of the watch.

The watch is powered by a Miyota Japanese quartz movement that will tell you the hours, minutes and seconds. For the bracelet you have two options: a stainless steel one or a leather one. Furthermore the watch is waterproof up to a 100 metres. The watch will cost you around $100.

Nixon time teller

Nixon Sentry Luxe

The Sentry Luxe is one of Nixons classic watches that has been given that extra touch of luxury. That’s what makes it one of their best sellers. The 42mm case is made out of stainless steel and you can get one with either a black or white face. If you opt to go for black then you will get yellow accents. Pick the white face and you’ll get stainless steel hour markers and hands.

Just like the previous one this is also powered by a Miyota Japanese quartz movement. Furthermore the watch features a day-date window at the 3’o clock mark. Also, the face of the watch is protected with mineral glass which is the appropriate material for this watch. To top it all off, the watch is attached to a Horween leather strap and is water resistant up to a 100 metres. The watch will cost you around $175.

Nixon Sentry Luxe

Nixon Corporal SS

The Corporal SS is certainly a bit more rugged than the previous watches on this list. The watch is made to handle a bit more wear and tear and that’s also reflected in its size, design and use of materials. The watch is completely made out of stainless steel and the case is very large (48mm).

The bezel can also be considered a bit oversized but that actually fits the style of this watch. Furthermore, the watch is powered by a Miyota Japanese quartz movement. Also, it features a mineral dial cover. Depending on the design of the watch it will set you back around $100 – $175.

Nixon Corporal SS


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