Are Invicta Watches Good?

If you’re looking for a watch online that isn’t too expensive then you’re bound to run into the Invicta brand at one point or another. The brand has been around for more then 150 years and, these days, it’s one of the major players in the industry. However, are their watches any good?

Are Invicta watches good? Yes and no. Invicta watches are affordable watches that use reliable movements. However, their materials aren’t anything special and the brand is mostly known for producing cheap quartz watches.

Now that you’ve gotten a quick answer it’s time to dive into a bit more detail. Below we’ll have a look at the specifics of what makes an Invicta watch good or bad. Furthermore we’ll see where the watches are made, if they’re worth the money and we finish with a list of the best Invicta watches you can buy.

Why Are Invicta Watches Good?

In order to assess whether a watch is good or not we’ll have to take a look at a few factors. First, we’ll see what materials are used to produce Invicta watches and if these are good quality. Furthermore we’ll also have a look at their movements, innovations, reliability and price. Let’s dive in!

Use Of Materials

When we look at the materials that are used to manufacture Invicta watches it becomes clear that these are pretty common in the industry. An Invicta watch generally has a stainless steel case and bezel which are both pretty standard materials though also very durable.

The strap of the watch is made out of stainless steel, rubber, canvas or leather. You’ll find these straps in all different colors so you’ll definitely have something to choose from. When we move on to the dial of the watch is becomes clear that Invicta uses mineral glass or ”Flame Fusion” glass to protect it.

“Flame Fusion” is a term that only Invicta uses. This basically means the watch has sapphire-coated mineral glass on it. Mineral glass is very scratch resistant but is prone to shattering. With the sapphire coating Invicta tries to strengthen the glass and make it more durable. I have to say that this is quite surprising to see in watches that cost less than a $100.


Invicta sells an incredible amount of watches a year. What’s even more surprising is the large variety of watches that they have. In turn, this also means that they use a lot of different movements.

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t expect in an Invicta watch then that should be a movement that’s made in-house. Invicta mainly focuses on selling a large volume of watches and therefore they have outsourced the manufacturing process of the movements.

What you will find in Invicta watches are quartz and automatic movements. These movements will be made by large and very well known manufacturers such as ETA, Miyota, Ronda, Selitta, Seagull, Seiko and ISA. Below I’ve compiled a table with movements that are used in Invicta watches (although the list is not conclusive it does contain the most common movements that are used in Invicta watches).

Ronda Caliber 4120.BQuartzHours, minutes, small seconds, alarm, big date
Ronda Caliber 8040.NQuartzHours, minutes, central chronograph seconds, 1/10 seconds counter, 30 minute counter, 10 hour counter, retrograde day, big date, small seconds subdial
Ronda Caliber 5040.DQuartzHours, minutes, central chronograph seconds, small seconds, 10 hour subdial, 30 minute subdial, date
Ronda Caliber 5040.BQuartzHours, minutes, small seconds, 1/10 seconds, chronograph central seconds, 30 minutes counter, 10 hour counter, big date
Ronda Caliber 5050.BQuartzHours, minutes, small seconds, 1/10 seconds, big date, chronograph central seconds, 30 minutes counter, 12 hour counter
ETA Valgranges Caliber A07.161AutomaticHours, minutes, seconds, second time zone (GMT)
Sellita SW200AutomaticHours, minutes, central seconds, date
Seagull TY800QuartzHours, minutes
ISA Caliber 9238/1970QuartzHours, minutes, central seconds, day subdial, date subdial, 24 hour subdial
Miyota 8215AutomaticHours, minutes, central seconds, date calendar
Seiko NH35AutomaticHours, minutes, central seconds, date calendar

Since Invicta outsources the manufacturing process of the movements to well-known manufacturers that means that the movements themselves are of good quality. Of course, they aren’t anything special but everybody can agree on the fact that the above listed movements have a good build quality.


Another factor that should be taken into consideration when evaluating if a watch is good or not are the innovations which the brand has developed throughout the years. When we look at Invicta it becomes clear that innovating isn’t really their strong suit.

That used to be different. Invicta was first founded in 1837 in Switzerland and was known for greating excellent watches at affordable prices. Unfortunately the introduction of cheap quartz watches made Invicta take a hit in sales and the company almost disappeared.

In 1991 the company came back to live and eventually grew into the massive company it is today. They didn’t do this by putting innovative technology into their watches. Rather, they optimized their manufacturing processes in such a way that they are able to sell massive amounts of watches against affordable prices.

So, if you’re looking for a watch or brand that is innovative then Invicta most likely isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a good watch at a really affordable price then Invicta is indeed a competitor.


In order to see if Invicta watches are reliable we’ll have to take a look at the warranty that is provided with the watch when you buy one. What must be noted is that Invicta watches have a 3 year manufacturing warranty which is actually pretty good for a watch at this price point.

The warranty covers any defects in materials or craftsmanship that were already present when the watch was bought. This is quite a standard warranty within the industry. In the case of Invicta only the hands, movement and dial are covered by the warranty. What’s not covered are:

  • Crystal, crown, case, strap, bracelet or battery.
  • Any damage that results from unauthorized or improper service, accident, impact, negligence or normal wear and tears.
  • Water damage due to accident, improper use, or negligence.

Overall the warranty does seem to cover most of the things you could worry about when you buy a watch. The fact that the crystal, crown, case or bracelet aren’t covered by the warranty is worrying because it suggests these will break easily.

Furthermore it’s important to know that many Invicta watches have a gold tone finish to them. These finishes will normally start to fade after one year though there are certainly ways with which you can prolong the life of this gold finish. If you want to know how to do that check out this blog I wrote earlier: How long do gold tone watches last?


One of the things that has cemented the Invicta name in the world of horology is the price that the company charges for their watches. That’s because they sell an incredible amount of watches in the sub-$200 price category.

Because the company produces watches on a massive scale they are not only able to provide very affordable watches but also watches in many different styles and colors. All of this means that many people are able to find a watch which they like the look of while not breaking the bank at the same time.

Where Are Invicta Watches Made?

Invicta was first founded in 1837 in Switzerland so you would assume their watches are Swiss-made. Well, that’s not entirely true anymore. Invicta sell a lot of very affordable watches and in order to accomplish that they will have to source their parts cheaply.

Of course this means that a lot of the parts are manufactured in China. These Chinese parts are then combined with one of the Swiss or Japanese movements that we discussed earlier. By doing so the Invicta brand was able to florish throughout the years.

Does this mean that all their watches are made in China? No, certainly not. One of their most populair collections is the “Pro Diver” collection. Invicta prides itself for the fact that these watches are Swiss-made. This means that 60% of manufacturing costs have been spent in Switzerland.

Are Invicta Watches Worth The Money?

Whether or not Invicta watches are worth the money depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re after an affordable watch that you can wear on a daily basis then an Invicta watch may be a good choice. After all you won’t have to worry about scratching or damaging it because replacement is rather cheap.

However, if you want a watch that has prestige and is known for innovation then Invicta may not be for you. Furhtermore I have to say that Invicta watches are generally very large (45+ mm case) which means that people with small wrist may not always enjoy the look of the watches or consider them ”too big”.

In the end you should buy a watch because you like the look of it. The same goes for Invicta watches.

A Review Of Different Invicta Watches

To finish our in-depth review of Invicta I personally feel it’s also important to have a look at their best models. Below i’ve compiled a list of the best Invicta watches that you can buy today. Let’s have a look!

Invicta 1774 Pro Diver

If we’re going to discuss the best Invicta watches that you can currently buy then I’ll have to include their Pro Diver series into this. Furthermore, because Invicta sells a lot of gold-toned watches, I though we’d start of with a gold-toned Pro Diver.

This particular watch isn’t actually gold-toned. It’s gold ion-plated. This means there’s actually a really thin layer of gold that covers the stainless steel bracelet and case. In the end this means the gold look won’t fade away as quickly which is actually a really good move by Invicta.

Furthermore the case is 43.5mm wide and the dial of the watch is protected by the sapphire-coated mineral glass which Invicta likes to call Flame Fusion glass. The accuracy of the watch is taken care of by a Japanese quartz movement. It has a few sub-dials that include a 60-second one, a 60-minute sub-dial and a 1/10second sub-dial.

If you’re looking to buy one you can pick them up for around $65.

Invicta 1774 Pro Diver

Invicta 1773 Pro Diver

While we’re at it we might as well discuss another Pro Diver. In this case it’s a two-toned one. What you’ll immediatly notice is the fact that the design of the watch is a real eye-catcher. The two-toned stainless steel bracelet has a sharp contrast with the dark blue dial and bezel.

Just like the previous Pro Diver this watch also has three sub-dials with 60-second/60-minute/one-tenth-second functions. For the rest everything is almost the same since this watch also has sapphire-coated mineral glass and has a Japanese quartz movement on the inside.

If you’re looking to pick one up then you’ll have to spend a little bit more then the 1774 Pro Diver. This one will cost you around $80 which is still very affordable though.

Invicta 1773 Pro Diver

Invicta 14330 Speciality

Now I want to have a look at a completely different watch then the ones you will find in the Pro Diver series. This one is called the 14330 Speciality and it’s immediately clear why they call it that.

The watch has a very distinct look to it. First of all it has an 18k gold plated case that is attached to a genuine leather strap. Furthermore the dial of the watch is protected by Flame Fusion glass which, as we’ve discussed, is a very good material.

What makes this watch a real eye-catcher is of course it’s shape and the numbers on the dial. Both of these give the watch a very vintage look which is something I quite like about it. If you’re looking for an affordable timepiece that is a bit more distinct then this may be a very good option. You can pick one up for around $85.

Invicta 14330 Speciality


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