Are Fossil Watches Good?

Fossil is the fourth largest watchmaker in the world. The company currently has fourteen brands with the most notable one being the Fossil brand itself. Even though they sell many watches many people still ask themselves if these watches are actually of good quality? Let’s find out!

Are Fossil watches good? Yes and no. Fossil watches are good if you’re looking for an affordable watch that focuses on affordable style. That’s because Fossil produces watches in varying colors and materials. Fossil is not a good brand if you’re looking for a high-end watch that focuses on quality, history and craftsmanship.

Now that you’ve gotten a quick answer it’s time to dive into a bit more detail. First of all we’re going to see what does and doesn’t make Fossil a good brand. After that we’ll see if Fossil watches are Swiss made, if Fossil is considered a luxury brand and if Fossil watches are actually worth the money. Let’s dive in!

Is Fossil A Good Watch Brand?

Whether or not a watch is actually good depends on a few factors. In the case of Fossil I want to discuss a few points with you that illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of the brand. Let’s start with their use of materials.

Use Of Materials

When we look at the materials that Fossil uses then it becomes clear that these aren’t really exotic. This is also something you can expect from a watch in this price range. Most watches have a stainless steel case that is attached to a strap that is made out of different materials. Think about silicone, stainless steel, mesh or leather.

The dial of the watch is normally covered by mineral glass. Mineral glass has several advantages but also a few disadvantages. On the plus side mineral glass is more scratch-resistant than acrylic which is used in very cheap watches. Also, mineral is very affordable which fits the Fossil brand. However, mineral is less scratch- and shatter-resistant than sapphire which is the best material to protect a dial.


Fossil watches can have two different movement that are either powered by a quartz battery or a mechanical system. As can be expected, the quartz watches are normally much more affordable than the mechanical ones.

One thing that must be noted here is the fact that Fossil does not make its own movements. Instead, it has different manufacturers all over the world that produce their movements for them.

Movements for Fossil watches are made in Switzerland, Japan, China, Germany and the United Kingdom. The cheap quartz movements are normally made in China since the main priority is to cut cost. The mechanical movements are made in other countries and with varying degrees of quality.


One thing that Fossil does very well is providing stylish watches for varying outfits and people. Fossil isn’t necessarily a pioneer when it comes to craftsmanship or high-quality watchmaking. Rather, they sell affordable watches that look good and will fulfill your needs of a watch that compliments your outfit.

Most watches that Fossil sells can be bought in varying colors and materials. For example, you can buy a watch with a bright green silicone band and bright green accents on the hour markers and hands. Or how about a blue dial with a two-tone (rose gold and stainless steel) band.

This is the point where Fossil separates itself from the more ”traditional” watchmakers in a good way. If you’re looking for a wide selection of watches in varying colors and materials than Fossil will most likely fulfill that need. It will also do it better than other watchmakers that focus more on manufacturing ”serious” watches.


Furthermore, the price of Fossil watches is also a big plus for many people. You can buy a Fossil watch for a little more then $50. That’s of course very cheap and if you’re looking for a fashion watch that’s a very good price.

If you’re looking for a Fossil watch with an automatic Swiss movement then you’ll be looking at $600 or up which is also not that bad. Overall Fossil sells watches in a price range that’s comparable to Seiko, Casio and also other fashion brands.

Are Fossil Watches Swiss Made?

Yes, some Fossil watches are Swiss made even though you wouldn’t expect this from a brand that has been mass producing watches since 1984. The reason why some watches are Swiss made is because Fossil is trying to make part of their line-up more high-end which means they have to produce Swiss made watches.

In order for a watch to be Swiss made 60% of parts and production have to take place in Switzerland. This is the case for some Fossil watches because Fossil has their own Swiss movement maker called STP or Swiss Technology Production. Fossil bought this company in 2012 and at this point in time the company produces 100.000 automatic movements per year exclusively for Fossil.

The majority of these automatic movements are self-winding movements. This means that you don’t have to wind them up by hand. Rather, wearing the watch throughout the day will charge it in a natural way because it’s able to use this energy to wind itself up.

Furthermore, Fossil also owns Zodiac which it bought back in 2001. This Swiss watchmaker was bought as part of Fossils plan to get into Swiss watchmaking. Even though these watches aren’t really Fossil watches they are still part of the Fossil company and they did help Fossil get a feel for selling Swiss watches.

Is Fossil A Luxury Brand?

No, fossil isn’t a luxury brands by any means. There are several reason for that. First of all, luxury brands use exotic material such as titanium, sapphire, platinum, diamonds or gold. Fossil doesn’t use any of these in their watches and it only uses relatively cheap and common materials.

Furthermore, there is very little craftsmanship involved in the making of a Fossil watch. Basically their entire line-up is mass produced which isn’t bad but it certainly doesn’t scream luxury. For a watch to be considered luxurious it has to have a lot of human intervention and Fossil watches don’t have this.

Thirdly, there is price. Fossil watches are sold between $50 – $600 because of the above stated reasons. It’s hard to consider a watch at this price point luxurious. Many people consider $1.000 watches to be mid-range. This is especially true if you consider that many luxurious brands (such as Patek Philippe) sell watches that are more than $10.000.

Are Fossil Watches Worth It?

Whether or not Fossil watches are worth it depends on what you’re looking for in a watch. Personally I think that Fossil watches are a great pick if you’re looking for an affordable watch that you’ll mainly wear for its aesthetics. Since Fossil offers a wide variety of models, materials and colors you’re bound to find something that fits your style.

If you’re looking for a high-quality watch that has lots of history, quality and craftsmanship then I don’t believe Fossil watches are worth it. Even though Fossil sells Swiss made watches at $600 I still don’t think these are very high-quality.

If you’re looking for a watch at this price point then I believe there are better options on the market. For example, many Seiko watches that sell at this price point are considered to deliver excellent value for a relatively affordable price.

What Are The Best Fossil Watches?

In order for us to see which Fossil watches are the best we’ll have to dive into a bit more detail regarding their models. Below I’ve compiled a list with 4 of my personal favorites. Since Fossil doesn’t really use innovative technology in its watches we’ll mainly discuss the use of materials and the style of the watches.

Grant Chronograph

This 44m watch does true justice to the original chronograph look. It has a sturdy leather strap and a thick bezel on its stainless steel case. Furthermore the watch has two sub-dials that have bright yellow accents on them. I’m also a big fan of the roman numerals which give this watch that bit of extra classiness. The watch uses a quartz movement which is of course very accurate and the dial is protected by mineral glass. It’s also one of Fossils best selling watches and it sells for $80 – $90.

Fossil Grant Chronograph

Machine Chronograph

This is a completely different style than the first watch and for good reason. Fossil is set on making watches that fit everybody’s style and they did a great job with this one. The stainless steel case and band make this one much more casual than the Grant chronograph watch. Also, its blue accents scream for attention. Furthermore it also has three chronograph sub-dials and a very friendly price tag of $80 – $90.

Fossil Machine Chronograph

Grant FS

Even though this one seems a lot like the Grant that tops this list I still think this one looks a bit more like a dress watch in a good way. The creme white dial gives this watch more of a classic look than the previous Grant. Furthermore the 44mm stainless steel case is attached to a high-quality leather strap. To top it all off this watch has three sub-dials that track hours, minutes and seconds. Just like the other watches on this list it sells for $80 – $90.

Fossil Grant FS


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