Are Casio Watches Good?

Casio is a brand that almost everybody in the world knows. They’re most known for producing affordable, yet high-quality electronic devices such as calculators and also watches. However, many people wonder if their watches are any good.

Are Casio watches good? Yes, Casio watches are good. The company uses durable materials such as stainless steel and resin to produce their watches. Furthermore the watches are covered by an extensive warranty. Also, their G-Shock series is among the best when it comes down to reliability.

Now that you know this it’s time to dive into a bit more detail. First of all we’ll see all the ins and outs of what actually makes a Casio watch worthwhile. After that we’ll see if Casio watches are actually reliable. Finally, we’ll top everything off with a list of the best Casio watches that you can buy.

Why Are Casio Watches Good?

In this section we’ll discuss a few aspects of Casio watches to see how good they really are. Use of materials is what we’ll start with. We follow this up by discussing factors such as craftsmanship, movements, innovation and price. Lets’s see!

Use Of Materials

Casio uses very good quality materials, especially for the price point at which they sell their watches. Since they sell a wide variety of watches they also use very different materials. However, most watches will have a stainless steel case that is attached to a stainless steel bracelet or one that is made out of resin.

Sometimes you’ll also find a Casio watch that has a leather strap however, this isn’t very common. Other times the stainless steel case will be replaced for a resin case which protects the dial and movement from daily wear and tear. This is especially true for the G-Shock series.

Furthermore the dial of Casio watches is normally protected by mineral glass. Especially at this price point Casio could have also gone with acrylic glass but the majority of their watches have mineral glass. Mineral is a very scratch resistant material. Sapphire glass would be the most scratch resistant material but considering that this material is also much more expensive I wouldn’t expect this on a Casio watch.


Secondly, let’s take a look at the craftsmanship of Casio watches. Since Casio produces relatively cheap watches many of their watches don’t really have any form of craftsmanship. That’s something you would expect at this price point and definitely not something to be wary off.

One of the plus sides of Casio is the fact that they produce their watches in their own headquarters in Japan. Casio has their own production facility where the watches are assembled. This means they can monitor the quality of their watches sharply. This is also something that is seen as Casio’s strong suit: affordable, high-quality watches.

Besides their manufacturing plant they also produce a lot of their movements themselves. Since Casio is mainly focused on the production of technology this is also not that strange. The digital modules are normally made by Casio. Some analogue movements (like the ones that are used in the Casio Edifice) are made by Miyota which is a company that is owned by the Citizen brand.


Casio uses different kinds of movements for different watches. Let’s first take a look at their analog watches. In these watches Casio uses a movement which they call the ”Tough Movement” (1). This movement is powered by solar light which is then stored in a battery. Also, the movement is radio controlled in China, Japan, Europe and the Northern American region. This means the movement automatically corrects the hands of the watch if one of them has ”slipped”.

Furthermore Casio also sells digital watches. These are normally powered by a quartz movement. This movement (although it’s not really a movement) stores energy in an electric oscillator. This oscillator then sends out a frequency which allows the digital watch to keep time very accurately.

Besides being very accurate quartz movements are also very affordable to produce which is great for Casio since they sell very affordable watches.


As I already mentioned Casio is best known for producing electric devices. Throughout the years this has also meant that they have come up with quite a list of innovations on their part. Let’s have a look at that.

First up is the fact that some of their watches (most notably the Casio Edifice) can be connected to your cellphone. Therefore, this watch is considered to be one of the first smart watches. A neat feature of this watch is the fact that the hands of the dial will move into a certain position when you receive an e-mail notification.

Furthermore there’s the radio controlled timekeeping which a lot of Casio watches make use of. This means that your watch will always be set to the correct time which is of course quite handy.

Also there’s Casio’s Tough movement and Tough solar. When Casio introduced the Tough movement it was a slimmer, more reliable version of the previous movements. Also, it’s a lot more shock resistant. Casio’s Tough solar innovation means that watches that make use of this technology are able to turn both sunlight and artificial light into power. This is a technology that is also seen in Citizen Eco-Drive watches.

Furthermore, let’s not forget about Casio and their G-Shock series. All around the world G-Shock watches are considered to be the toughest and most reliable watches that are available on the market today. The watches are used by people who are in the outdoors a lot (such as military personnel) and they have shown again and again to be very reliable.

Besides this some G-Shocks also have the ”triple sensor” which basically means the watch is able to display directions, has a altitude/barometer and can show temperature.


Besides all of this Casio watches are most priced for the fact that they are able to deliver a high-quality innovative watch at a very affordable price. Casio watches can already be bought for around $10 and at that price point Casio is certainly the best brand you can get. Basic G-Shock watches are sold on the market for $30-$50 while premium ones can be bought for $1000 – $5000 (but that’s only if you want to go all-out on your Casio).

Are Casio Watches Reliable?

If you really want to know if Casio watches are reliable then you’ll also need to take into account if these watches are reliable. Let’s dig into that a bit more by looking at the warranty that Casio has on their watches.

First of all there’s the battery life of many of their digital watches. According to several reports these batteries can life up to 10(!) years without needing replacement. That’s an incredible time for a battery considering the battery of most quartz analog watches will only stay around for 2 years. If your battery breaks down within one year it’s also covered by a warranty.

If your watch runs into manufacturing defects within the first two years then the watch is also covered by a general warranty. Furthermore Casio also provides you with a new watch if your new Casio watch has a defect within its first month.

But we’re still not done yet. Casio will provide you with a free replacement of the band and/or case if discoloration occurs within the first six months. If , after all this, your watch still needs a repair Casio will deliver the watch back to you within four weeks.

Do Gold Casio Watches Fade?

Besides their reliability I personally think it’s also important to see if their aesthetics will last a long time. This is especially important for the gold Casio watches which are very popular and among their bestsellers.

So, do gold tone Casio watches fade? Yes they do, normally gold tone watches (no matter if it’s a Casio or not) will start to fade after one year of daily wear and tear. Of course it’s possible to prolong the life of a gold Casio watch by not wearing it daily and not exposing it to things like fragrances and water.

As was already said earlier, if your watch starts to fade within the first six months then this is covered under warranty and you should definitely contact Casio about this.

If you want more tips on how to prevent your gold tone watch from fading then definitely check out this article that I wrote earlier: How Long Do Gold tone Watches Last?

A Review Of Different Casio Watches

Now that you know if Casio is actually a good brand it’s time to see which of their watches are the best (and also the most popular). Below I’ve compiled a list of the three best Casio watches (although there are many good other ones).

1. G-Shock Rangeman (GW-9400)

Of course I had to include a G-Shock watch on this list. The reason why I’ve included the Rangeman is because it provides excellent value for money. At $200 this watch will give you the triple sensors (which we discussed earlier). Also it’s mud and dust resistant, waterproof up to 200 meters and can withstand very low temperatures (-10 celsius or 14 Fahrenheit). The LED backlight is also very useful in darker situations. To top it all of the watch can set five different alarms.

G-Shocks are also known for their build quality and this one isn’t any different. The case and bracelet are made out of resin while mineral glass covers the dial of the watch. Mineral is a very scratch resistant material that ’s also very affordable and therefore it fits the Rangeman really well. Finally, the watch is powered by a quartz movement.

Casio Rangeman GW-9400

2. The Casio Edifice (EQS-800CPB-1AVCF)

Let’s move on to a combination of a smartwatch and an analogue one: the Edifice. As I already said the Edifice is able to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth which means it’s able to receive things such as e-mail notifications.

Besides this neat trick it’s also a very practical watch. It’s solar powered, has a 1-second stopwatch and a date display. Also, there’s a battery indicator which comes in handy with a watch that uses a lot of energy. As with almost all Casio watches it’s powered by a quartz movement.

The watch itself also looks like a real watch because it’s an analogue one. Personally this is what I really like about the Edifice. The case is made out of stainless steel and the band is made out of resin. The dial of the watch is made from carbon fiber (which also gives it a very cool look) and is protected by mineral glass. If you want one you can pick it up for around $170.

Casio EQS-800CPB-1AVCF

3. Casio Vintage-Look (A168WG-9)

Finally, there’s one of the most popular watches that Casio has ever sold. Their vintage-look, gold toned watches can be seen everywhere around the world and with good reason. First of all it’s very affordable and only costs $40. Also, it has an approximate battery life of 7 years which is of course ridiculous. The watch is also very accurate and will stay in between +/- 30 seconds per month.

Casio A168WG-9


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