About MenswearUniversity.com

The sole purpose of MenswearUniversity.com is to make it easy for men to be stylish and feel good about themselves. This website is for men who want to look good without breaking the bank or spending hours upon hours researching various styles to make sure everything matches.

Let’s call it ”convenient style”.

MenswearUniversity.com aims to be the go-to source of male fasion information. The older the website gets the more information you’ll find here. From watches to sunglasses and shoes to hair styling. Eventually we’ll have discussed everything and you can go out looking good and confident!

Why MenswearUniversity.com

MenswearUniversity.com was brought to live by my own personal interest in male fashion. I always noticed that a lot of male fashion websites took things a lot further then I wanted them to go.

As a 20-something year old I’m not looking to spend 3 hours in the morning getting ready. I want to look good but it certainly also has to be convenient!

Therefore I decided to start MenswearUniversity.com. Here I answer questions that men have regarding style. I do so by thoroughly researching the subject I’m going to talk about. If I’m going to write a blog about a specific watch brand then you can be sure I’ll be spending half an hour on their website trying to find the information that I’m looking for.

In the end, I just hope you find the answers to your questions and that you can feel confident in your own skin and clothes.

Who Am I?

Hello there! My name is Stefan Kleinekoort and I’m a 24-year old living in the Netherlands. Male style has always been an interest of mine and throughout the years I’ve tried many of them (with different levels of success I must say).

What interest me most about male style is what happens when you go into the details. I can spend hours learning about watches and the craftsmanship that went into them. This investigative attitude is something that I apply on all subject that I write about on this website.

One of the things I do care about is unbiased advice. The purpose of this website is to help you look good! If you find me recommending a product or service it’s because I know either me or other people have been very happy users. If something is horrible then I will gladly tell the truth about it too!

Stefan Kleinekoort